Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Nature of Marriage

When I was expecting my daughter, my obstetrician didn’t prescribe an elaborate diet, but gave me these simple words of advice: “Choose foods that are as close as possible to their natural state.” Nourishment is abundant in the foods that nature provides. What can be learned by applying that same approach to questions concerning marriage, sexuality, reproductive health, and family?

Consider the human body. Men and women naturally complete one another in the sexual union, and together have the potential to generate life. No such natural physical union or capacity for reproduction is possible in a homosexual relationship.

Consider the children. Extensive research shows that the traditional family with two biological parents provides the best possible environment for children. (For links to research, visit the American College of Pediatricians website: ). Same-sex unions deprive any children involved of their right to parents of both sexes.

Consider the reproductive system. Same-sex couples (or heterosexual couples who contracept throughout their child-bearing years) miss having the children they naturally desire. Many such couples turn to artificial fertility technologies. These costly and difficult technologies are a poor substitute for nature.

Consider what it says to a little girl to discover her mother was a paid surrogate, or what it means to a boy to realize fatherhood can be reduced to a sperm donation.

Consider the young people. With the push to normalize homosexuality, adolescents may be encouraged to seek a permanent solution to a transient gender identity crisis. The girl who was abused by her father, the boy whose dad abandoned him, the young woman whose lover pressured her to abort a child: all desire love and family, but the wounds they carry may not have healed and they turn to a person of the same sex, someone who seems safe. They are in need of compassion and guidance, not sex-change surgery or same-sex marriage. No one is born with the wrong body. We each have the body nature intended for us, even those who face disabilities or challenges - including the challenge of same-sex attraction.

Consider the human race. Same-sex marriage, widely practiced and accepted, is cultural suicide. Children are our hope for the future.

Consider why we insist on holistic health care in other areas but have become convinced that reproductive health is best achieved through unnatural means. Abortion, artificial contraception, sterilization, homosexuality and sexual promiscuity are routinely promoted by the very agency that claims to provide women’s healthcare – Planned Parenthood.

Consider the fruits of following this agenda for nearly forty years: rampant STDs, pornography, infertility, post-abortion trauma, increased homosexuality, and family breakdowns. Yet, popular wisdom insists Planned Parenthood is the premier women’s healthcare provider and our government funds them with millions in tax dollars. If you wonder what Planned Parenthood’s motive is, read their plan for population reduction in the U.S., compiled in 1970 by Frederick Jaffe, at this web site:

Finally, consider who is being targeted for this population reduction – those who Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, referred to as “human weeds.” Could it be your children – and mine?

With gratitude for her lifetime of work, I dedicate this article to Jacqueline Kasun, pro-life activist and author of "The War Against Population," (1999, Ignatius Press), who died on January 1st, 2009.

In a 2007 tribute to his mother, Jacqueline Kasun's son Walter said, "It is the power of ideas, widely disseminated, that will win the war against tyranny and oppression in this world.”

Lifesite News reports on her life and legacy:

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