Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pray to End Abortion

Abortion. The insidious nature of this word, this action, this legal “medical” procedure should be obvious. Every day, 4500 or more lives destroyed in our country alone, mass murder justified by a society that encourages the complete denial of the sacredness of the innocent, nascent child. Women and men, girls and boys, being convinced that their children are not children; that this choice will not affect them; and that really, there is no other choice for them. The bodies pile up in waste bins, as souls beyond counting are darkened and lost. The first step, the first word, the first day of school, all decimated. The elder brother or sister vanished, the only child destroyed. Fathers no longer defending their girlfriends, wives, children. Women no longer defending their own babies or even acknowledging their existence. Grandparents insisting their daughters abort their own grandchildren. Teachers, mentors and peers guiding women and girls into this abominable act. Women convinced that bearing a living, breathing, beautiful child is a greater tragedy than bearing the grief and guilt of having destroyed that child.

And all this is legal. Judges sitting in quarters in the Supreme Court, discussing whether or not the states have the right to ban a procedure in which a physician pulls a nearly full term child partly out of the womb of its mother, sticks scissors into its head, and vacuums out its brains. The scary part is that many of these erudite judges firmly believe there should be no limits on this or any abortion procedure. The even scarier part is that our President believes this even more adamantly than most of the justices, and is in the process of appointing new, younger Supreme Court justices who will carry on the tradition of legal abortion into the future.

The blood of the innocents cries out from the ground for justice. The Lord weeps in His heaven. Women who have found out the hard way that abortion not only kills children but hurts women also gather in record numbers to break the silence surrounding this injustice, while hundreds of thousands of people nationwide pray, work and protest abortion, but their voices are ignored by a government who just pushed through the so-called health care reform bill that includes taxpayer funded abortion.

China is lauded and praised by our highest diplomats despite their dismal record of human rights abuses, which includes forced abortion, sterilization and contraception. Do we truly believe our nation is not at the brink of taking the same kind of draconian measures? The current administration appoints people who look to China’s one-child policy and want to bring it here. Any attempt to limit abortion or even to offer other choices to women is fervently attacked by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-abortion forces in this country. Any attempt to open dialogue on the topic is shut down, as the pro-life voice is silenced in the public square, accused of demagoguery and extremism. The voice of the Church is blocked out by the mainstream media, who takes pleasure in using the current scandals to undermine her moral authority. The United Nations is promoting abortion as a universal “right” as our President works ever more closely with that agency to bring about a “new world order” in which our sovereign nation will be forced to bow to the will of an unelected international government.

Who is the enemy in this life or death battle? Is it Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Obama, the UN? It is all of these and none of these, for the enemy is the evil one. Only the dark principalities and powers aligned against the Lord could have conceived of such an evil and destructive agenda as abortion. This enemy will only fall to prayer, love and repentance, a reawakening of faith, a movement of the heart. Each of us has a part to play in this battle: each of us must take action, every day in everything we do. All our prayers, works, joys, and sufferings must be offered to the Lord in union with the cross of Christ. Arm yourself with the weapons of God: the rosary, the Mass, the bible, the sacraments, prayer, fasting, sacrifice, and love. Pray for our Holy Father, under such attack from within the Church and without. Pray for our priests, bishops and seminarians. Pray for faithful hearts, open to life, for support for young women facing difficult or unwanted pregnancies. Pray for our pro-life leaders. And pray for our president and politicians, that God may change their hearts.

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