Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross - Edith Stein

"My Lord, God, you have led me by a long dark path, rocky and hard/
often my strength threatened to fail me/
I almost lost all hope of seeing the light/
but when my heart grew numb with deepest grief/
a clear star rose for me/
steadfast it guided me- I followed/
at first reluctant, but more confidentl­y later/
At last I stood at Church's gate/
it opened, I sought admission/
from your priest's mouth, your blessing greets me/
red blossom stars show me the path to you...
now I can shout it out, I believe, I profess!" --

Edith Stein,
Jewish atheist,
Catholic convert,
Carmelite nun,
martyr at Auschwitz,
Catholic saint  

The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street

Just like the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street "youth" movement is being orchestrat­ed and funded by others who seek power for themselves­. What dictator is OWS trying to depose, Pres. Obama? He may be on his way to being a dictator, but not yet. The government oversteppe­d its authority, using tax money to subsidize big business, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, favors for big unions, bailouts for Wall St. - this was done by our Democrat controlled Congress and Pres. Obama, who received the lion's share of campaign donations from Wall Street - why is this protest against the bankers instead of the Democrats? 

Those who believe that collapsing our economy will benefit the "99%" are not facing reality.  With the collapse of our free market economy will come chaos, poverty and hunger. Will "the people" then be bailed out by government, and if so, for what cost?  The loss of our freedom and the end of the American way of life. There's a reason why immigrants seek to come to the US - they come seeking freedom that they can attain here because of the free market economy, which makes it possible for anyone to take a little initiative and work hard and make a good life. If you want to live under a Hugo Chavez or a Castro, or in any communist country, go ahead.  There are many countries where the people live under the oppressive dictators but only one U.S.A.  Once the U.S. capitulate­s to the communist ideal, there will be no place left that offers freedom.

Just as the Egyptian military mowed down the peaceful protest by the persecuted Coptic Christians­, once these Occupy Wall Street protesters are no longer useful to those who are manipulati­ng and funding these protests, their rights will vanish. Trading Mubarek for the Muslim Brotherhoo­d and the military didn't bring freedom for minorities or women in Egypt, nor will it bring freedom in the US once we trade the free market for socialism.

The Nature of the Catholic Priesthood

There is such vast misunderst­anding of the nature of the priesthood­, and such vast commentary everywhere by those who hate the Catholic Church. But those who really know and understand what the Church teaches can't help but fall in love with her. Yes, the Church is feminine, just as the priesthood is masculine, and the Church can no more undo that reality as God created it than she can declare a man "mother" or a woman "father". It can't be done by lists of signatures or by politicall­y correct rhetoric, because it does not reflect reality as revealed in the very nature of humanity. 
The Catholic Church teaches reverence and respect for both men and women, yet is reviled, while the world denigrates women by making them sexual objects and is lauded. It makes no sense. The Catholic Church teaches that man and woman, together, are created in the image of God. The Catholic Church teaches that God chose a young virgin to become his own mother, and that she is to be honored and revered, as all women are meant to be honored. Christ took the Church as His Bride, sanctified her and loves her and died for her. We are the Bride. The priest stands "in persona Christi" as the Bridegroom­. The mystery of God's infinite love, told in the beautiful language of human marital love. Ephesians 5.  

Nicholas Kristof's Birth Control Advice Hurts Women and Demeans the Poor

Photo from theFederalist.com     My response to a New York Times article by Nicholas Kristof promoting birth control for teens was ...